Traveling can be a transformative experience and travelling on a budget does not mean that you should compromise on the quality of your adventure. There are different types and reasons for travelling and each of them needs proper planning before one embarks on the journey. This article explores different ways you can get the best travel experience without having to spend too much.

Research budget-friendly destinations

Nairobi is among the top global destinations with a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, with a blend of both modern and traditional elements. In addition to being a gateway to the only national park within a city, Nairobi is home to numerous game reserves, natural wonders, hotels, malls and significant centres for business and commerce. All these destinations have different packages to fit the pocket of most travellers while others are even free for the general public. Clarence House Hotel in Westlands is one of the most exciting destinations that one can experience on a budget.

Strategic accommodation

We believe in the power of smart choices and finding you the right accommodation in Nairobi at a pocket-friendly price is one of our priorities. If you are looking to extend your stay in Nairobi, you may need to opt for budget-friendly options like guesthouses, hostels and vacation rentals. Our hotel in Westlands provides accommodation on different levels for individuals, groups and families looking for a single-night stay, short-term or long-term vacation stays.

Set a realistic travel budget

Planning your travel will save you a lot and one way of doing this is to analyze your spending on previous trips. Planning involves setting a travel date, finding accommodations, booking flights or any other means of transport, and budgeting on food. These are some of the top priorities that you should always begin with. Other factors to consider include, exchange rates, emergency expenses, entertainment and activities among others. Clarence House Hotel in Westlands is strategically located and has an array of services that will save you on most of your expense list. Experience fully furnished and serviced apartments, heated swimming pool, cloud 9 bar and restaurant all in one place. Our location is also a few minutes drive from the Nairobi CBD and other entertainment and activities venues.

Public transportation

Public transport is not only cost-effective but also a sustainability practice that Clarence House Hotel advocates for. Our hotel in Westlands is easily accessible thanks to the ‘Matatu’ industry that has flourished in the city. Whether you are looking to take a bus, cab or bike, you are assured to get an immersive and authentic experience of your destinations.

Off-peak travels

Timing is everything when it comes to planning a budget-friendly travel. Being a popular travel destination, Nairobi is always congested on holidays, weekends and other peak seasons. A budget-friendly trip should therefore be planned during off-peak seasons so that you may not only enjoy the serenity of your destination but also save on the cost of travelling, accommodation and other activities. Our accommodation services are available on our website for our customers to check for availability and book online.


As you embark on your travel adventure in Nairobi, remember that some of the best experiences do not have to come with a hefty price tag. With these budget-friendly tips and hacks, you can also see your dream becoming a reality without putting much pressure on yourself. Clarence House Hotel in Westlands Nairobi is your one-stop destination to save you on almost every item on your travel expense list. We offer long-term and short-term accommodations, a variety of local and exotic cuisines and access to entertainment centres and destinations that the city has to offer.