Are you planning a trip to Nairobi and unsure where to stay during your visit? The good news is in this article, we have carefully researched and even visited the places before putting it down to paper and publishing. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive guide to the best areas to stay in Nairobi. It will help you to plan your perfect trip without having to incur extra costs or wasting another day searching for a perfect place to stay.

We all love Nairobi, or it could be that I’m biased because it’s my country’s capital city. But we can agree that Nairobi is so special and will house a population of 5,325,000 in 2023, a 4.02% increase from 2022. It is no doubt that most of this population chose to be in Nairobi, or they find opportunities here that can’t be found elsewhere if not limited.

To the uninitiated, this city, packed with more than 5 million people, is a mystery. There are so many things to do and places to see in Nairobi that it can be a boggle.

Well, worry no more – I’ve written a comprehensive guide to the best areas to stay in Nairobi and where to stay in Nairobi to help you choose the perfect place to visit, Kenya or Nairobi.

Best Area To Stay in Nairobi: The Clarence Hotel

Located in the heart of Nairobi, the luxurious Clarence House Serviced apartment offers a discerning luxurious spacious apartment to both local and international visitors. The luxurious services apartment includes spacious one-bed deluxe suites and 2-bed superior suites in Nairobi decorated with luxurious fabrics and furniture. The hotel is located just 600 meters from the Waiyaki Way on School Lane in Westlands. This can be a walking distance to some who need to stretch their legs and stay fit. The moment you enter the serviced apartment in Nairobi, you will be amazed by the warm reception by the staff, who will direct you to their ample parking lot where you can stop being worried about your belongings while inside.

On our visit, one thing that stood out was the warm reception starting all the way from the entrance to the point where you’re left to do whatever you want.

The Clarence House serviced apartments in Nairobi come at a price, but they are definitely worth a try to anyone looking for a long or short stay in Nairobi.

Early bookings can be arranged where you can make reservations for your anticipated visit to Nairobi. To book at the Clarence serviced apartment in Nairobi, click on this link; book now.


Experience one of the best accommodation hotel rooms in Nairobi,  suites, and two-bedroom premium suites. Junior suites start at 500 square feet and increase in size to 2,700 square feet. The suites are spacious and inviting, featuring separate living and sleeping quarters, evoking a residential feel.

spacious rooms to stay


Fusing global flavors and contemporary techniques, our vibrant restaurant and bar, Dabble, offers an exciting culinary experience. Choose to dine from the comfort of your suite 24 hours a day.