Serviced Apartments have been the hospitality industry’s smart choice for business and leisure guests for some years, but their appeal to the mass market has been slower. This may be set to change as more people are waking up to the benefits of space and privacy that a fully self-contained apartment offers. Whether looking for a place to stay for work or leisure, seeing all your options is always good. Your accommodation can make or break your holiday/travel experience. You don’t need that stress while you are away, so how do service accommodations combat this? Why do people go for serviced apartments over hotels?

1. Serviced Apartments have more space

Serviced Apartments have much more space than equivalent hotel rooms and are generally much more pleasant. Apartments are much more like our homes; you can usually open the windows properly, adjust the temperature more easily, and have more space to put away your things.

2. A serviced apartment offers more privacy

If you don’t want strangers in your space daily, you can wash your clothes, linen, and towels whenever you like or arrange weekly or fortnightly service at your convenience. You don’t need to send your clothes out to be washed or ironed; you can even clean the apartment yourself.

3. Eat what you want when you want

Our serviced apartments offer a full kitchen, usually a hob, microwave, and fridge. Whether you’re planning to feed a huge group or cook Christmas Dinner, this will allow you to prepare a wide range of meals in your apartment and will be more than enough for a break of even a few weeks.

You can buy the right quantities of your food, order takeaways or groceries to be delivered, wash fruit and vegetables and ensure that all your food is prepared the way you want it; this is especially handy if you or your companions have any dietary restrictions, or just if your kids are fussy eaters. Also, if you just want to grab a quick breakfast and go and not have to interact with anyone in the morning, this is perfect for you.

4. Reliable WiFi

You get the WiFi code when you check-in, and off you go. You can browse, stream or download to your heart’s content with no interruptions. The importance of this cannot be overstated if you are traveling with children or lucky enough to be holidaying with teenagers.

5. A separate area to relax or work

Being stuck in a hotel room will have limited appeal after a short time. An apartment offers a much more home-like atmosphere to sit on a sofa and eat, watch TV, or just hang out in a separate area from where you’re sleeping. Similarly, sitting cross-legged on your bed with a laptop on your knee will not be the most productive or healthy environment for anyone. Many more of us are working from home more frequently or just running our lives from our laptops, and it’s much better to have a proper space to sit and focus.

6. Perfect for families with kids

Hotels with children can be overwhelming, especially if they’re young. Adjoining or adjacent rooms are often hard to come by; even if you can get a family room, you’re piled on each other. When the kids finally go to sleep, you’re tiptoeing between beds trying not to wake everyone up.

Even if everyone sleeps through, they invariably wake up at 5 am expecting breakfast or milk. But there’s no fridge, so your family is banging at the door at 6:59 am, looking like the walking dead. Not, by anyone’s standards, the most relaxing way to holiday. The family who booked an apartment has a separate room for the kids; they can go to bed in their own space, allowing you to enjoy an evening. In the morning, they can grab something from the fridge to whip up for breakfast at a civilized hour.

7. You get more (usually) for less in an apartment. Given all the benefits of serviced apartments, you’d be forgiven for thinking you might pay more. Well, it doesn’t always work out like that. Your average hotel has many hidden costs: bar, restaurant, reception, concierge, laundry, daily housekeeping, room service, and breakfast, and you tend to pay for these services whether you need or use them. In a serviced apartment, many of these hidden, wasted costs are not there, and the savings are passed onto you; this means that you can usually get a nice holiday apartment, in a major city, for the equivalent or cheaper than a hotel of a similar standard.

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